Alpine Camp Menu


  1. Muesli or Instant Porridge & SPC Fruit ($10.00)
  2. Bacon & Eggs ($15.00)


  1. Mountain Bread, cheese, salami or ham, cake, fruit ($15.00)NOTE: A vegetarian option is also available


  1. Spaghetti Bolognaise or Vegetarian Pasta ($18.00)
  2. Mild Curry with rice (Pack 2 person $35.00)

Sundry Group Ration Pack – $25.00

  1. Tea (25 Bags), Coffee (150gm), Milo (250gm), Powdered Milk (500gm), Sugar (500gm), Pepper & Salt, Margarine (250gm)


NOTE: All orders must be placed via email to or phone 0418 773 541 at least 4 days prior to arrival thank you. Please ensure you receive our confirmation. Your order will be delivered by snow mobile to the camp on the day of your arrival.