Walking & Hiking

Bush walking is a great way to experience the natural beauty of Mt Stirling. With an abundance of natural flora in full bloom and cool mountain temperature, summer is an ideal time to explore the Resort.

Traveling on foot offers a unique way to enjoy the mountain – one that appeals to all the senses. Wander through snow gum woodlands and grasslands or trek to the summit and take in the magnificent views – the choice is yours!

Pick your own path or join a group and let an experienced guide show you the way.

Guided Walks:

Mt Stirling has a number of locations for enjoying the Australian alpine wilderness by staying overnight during a bushwalk. Please read through the tips below to ensure you have a fantastic camping experience and leave the alps in pristine condition for all to enjoy.

  • Camp amongst the snow gums rather than in the lower Mountain Ash areas - Mountain Ash are prone to falling unpredictably.
  • Be prepared for all weather conditions. The weather can change suddenly and without warning in alpine areas.
  • Be sure to take a map and compass and learn to use them before you head off.
  • Tell someone where you are going or complete a trip intention form.
  • Use the toilets provided, or ensure you dig deep holes 100 metres from waterways in order to protect the health of both animals and humans.
  • Take note of fire safety and evacuation locations. DO NOT light fires on fire ban days- if you are not sure, then don't light it!
  • Be sure you haven't disturbed any precious flora or fauna on your hike.
  • Use the rubbish bins provided or carry your litter away with you.