A hearty hello from high on the mountain to all journos, editors, snappers, filmers, Instagrammers, bloggers and lovers of snow.

It is a pretty special place up here on Mt Stirling we are always looking for ways to share great stories and photos and inspire more people to come and visit - which is where we stand ready to help you!  If you would like our help for a story, need some advice or some great images - drop us a line, or take a look at the stash of great information loaded on these pages.

The complete Mt Stirling Winter 2019 Media Guide is full of all the information you need. Click the below image to view the interactive guide.

If you would like to come and visit Mt Stirling please get in touch and we'll do our best to arrange a visit so you can come and see it all for yourself!

Media Contact

Rhylla Morgan
PR & Communications
Ph: 03 5777 5913
Mobile: 0408 555 066
Email: [email protected]
Please note contact numbers are for media enquiries only. All general public enquiries need to be directed to the numbers listed here.