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It is a pretty special place up here on Mt Stirling we are always looking for ways to share great stories and photos and inspire people to come and experience it for themselves.

If you would like our help to prepare a travel piece, need some advice or a few great images - drop us a line, or take a look at the stash of great information already available on these pages.

If you would like to come and visit Mt Stirling please get in touch.  We have a small supported media visit program and assist where we can with guidance on suggested itineraries, contacts to local tour guides and more.

Mt Stirling has a great selection of images available for media to download to add colour and spice to your story. Please read through terms of use and copyright notice below and click agree to confirm your adherence to the terms and to access. If you need login details, please contact Rhylla with an outline of your image request/use.

Terms of Use & Copyright Notice - Mt Buller and Mt Stirling Digital Media Gallery

  1. All images contained within the Mt Buller and Mt Stirling online photo gallery are solely to be used to promote Mt Buller and Mt Stirling as a tourist destination in editorial and media applications.
  2. Images must be used within the context of Mt Buller Mt Stirling only and cannot be used in a generic way to promote alpine locations or any activity undertaken at alpine resorts.
  3. When an image is not used solely within the context of Mt Buller or Mt Stirling, the image must be clearly captioned "Mt Buller " or "Mt Stirling" with the caption appearing adjacent to the image. Whenever possible all images must be credited with the photographer's name.
  4. When an image is used on the cover of a publication and cannot be captioned on the cover, a photographer/Mt Buller/Mt Stirling credit must appear on the inside front cover of the publication. The credit should include "Mt Buller" or "Mt Stirling" and the photographer.
  5. No images in the Mt Buller and Mt Stirling online photo gallery are available for commercial or advertising use outside destination marketing of Mt Buller and Mt Stirling.
  6. No images in the gallery are available to be released to third parties for any use. ALL requests for third-party usage are to be referred to Mt Buller and Mt Stirling for review via an email.
  7. Requests for commercial use will be referred to the photographers (who retain rights to the images) to arrange a commercial arrangement separate from this Mt Buller marketing usage.
  8. Images found to have been used outside the terms of use stated here, without permission of the photographers, will incur full commercial fees and the photographer will invoice the organisation involved.
  9. No images in the gallery are available for sale in any form ie. postcards, books, posters or any retail merchandise.
  10. Not sure if your usage falls inside the marketing/promotion guidelines here?
    Please reach out to Mt Buller Mt Stirling via an email and explain the request and we can help confirm or put you in contact with the photographers directly.

Click here to AGREE to all of the above terms and conditions and continue through to the Media Gallery.


Rhylla Morgan
PR & Communications
Ph: 03 5777 7513 | 0408 555 066
Please note Rhylla is your go-to for media enquiries but not the person to call for general visit questions - give our reception team a buzz in office hours on (03) 5777 6077 for those.


The Mt Stirling Winter Media Guide has the low-down on the latest white season. Click the image below to launch the interactive guide.