Mount Stirling 2030

A contemporary vision for Mt Stirling

Mount Stirling 2030 presents a contemporary vision that reflects community and stakeholder aspirations, celebrating the social and environmental values of the mountain and addressing challenges of climate change:

Mount Stirling Alpine Resort provides year-round opportunities that engage visitors with the mountain's core principles of environment, heritage and climate adaptation. Sound environmental management, appropriate services and infrastructure uphold the mountain's natural and social values.

Mount Stirling 2030 has been developed with extensive stakeholder input and engagement. Through collaboration of the Mount Stirling Stakeholder Group and wider community consultation, it was clear the core principles of the Mount Stirling Alpine Resort – being nature based, all season, affordable and educational – continue to be conserved and enhanced. Operations and management of the Resort need to continue to maintain strong community connections with winter and summer recreation, tourism and education offerings.

Mt Buller and Mt Stirling Alpine Resort Management Board formally and unanimously endorsed Mt Stirling 2030 at their meeting on 16 March 2018.

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