Possum tales – I will survive!

In a time of uncertainty and a global threat to our species the tiny, endangered Mountain Pygmy-Possums of Mt Buller are an inspiring example of survival and endurance against the odds.

Caro Ryan from Lotsafreshair visited Mt Stirling and Mt Buller this summer and was fascinated to learn about the world’s oldest living small mammal (Burramys parvus) that is now not only surviving, but slowly and surely thriving in the boulder fields on Mt Buller’s southern slopes.

Drop over to read her story here and next time you are out for a walk at Mt Buller look for the information panels along the Summit Nature Trail that let you know when you are in the possum’s neighbourhood.

A small Mountain Pygmy Possum sits on a lichen covered granite boulder on Mt Buller

Mountain Pygmy Possum at Mt Buller (c) Vinnie Anthony