Alpine Ski Hire

Standard Touring Skis – Madshus Voss and Sporten Ranger

Both all-purpose Nordic skis with a light metal edge designed to ski easily over groomed trails and cope with the occasional icy sections of trail encountered in Australian resorts. Both these skis have a responsive lightweight laminated timber core, they are stable, fun and durable. The patterned grip base gives the best grip and glide in backcountry equipment today. These a fantastic beginner level skis, most suited to day touring around the lower trail network carrying a small day pack with your water bottle and lunch. For those planning on touring to the summit and perhaps planning a night out with a full pack and more serious overnight excursions it is recommended that metal edged touring skis are used.


Boot & Binding Systems
Stirling Experience was the first Backcountry Ski Hirer in Australia to adopt the Rottefella Nordic Backcountry system. It has been selected for its superior ankle support and stability. The heavy-duty BC system is developed for back-country touring and in-track/out-of-track skiing in rugged country. The functional and reliable bindings feature a binding plate with extra-deep steering groves that match the NNN Backcountry boot sole for maximum stability and ski control. The bindings are available with a step-in-out automatic or the extra wide Magnum manual binding.


1 day $65
2 days $96
$22 per additional day
(incl. Boots, Bindings & Poles)

If you have any questions or you’d like to reserve skis, please call Ski School (03) 5777 6441