Snowshoe Hire


If you enjoy bushwalking, fresh mountain air and a little easy exercise without the slip and slide of skis under your feet then snowshoeing is for you. Stirling Experience stock TUBBS Flex RDG, MSR, TSL traditional design snowshoes and the Australian Yowie, oversized sandal design snowshoe in our hire shop at Telephone Box Junction. Both are of sturdy but light construction and provide good positive grip underfoot on both snow and ice. The hire shop maintains a fleet of 60 pair of shoes which is normally quite sufficient for general demand however if you are planning to bring a group for a snowshoeing day or overnight trip we welcome advance bookings.



Snowshoeing is permitted on the entire trail network at Mt. Stirling. There are a total of 65 kilometres of marked trails within the resort approximately 35 kilometres of these are regularly groomed, including trails leading to the mountain summit and across to the Mt. Buller village. In addition, there are marked adventure trails leading into the surrounding State Park towards the Pinnacle and the Mount Number 3 Refuge Hut and also to Clear Hills and the famed Man From Snowy River film, Craig’s Hut.
Walking on the trail network without the use of skis or snowshoes is not permitted on Mt. Stirling, as this damages the trail surface, making skiing hazardous for other guests. When using snowshoes please keep to the left of the trails at all times leaving room for skiers to pass. For those visitors arriving on the mountain to go back country snow boarding in the Summit bowls it is mandatory use snowshoes or a split board on all trails.
If you plan to hire snowshoes, you will need a pair of sturdy waterproof walking boots or snow boots such as sorrels. Snowshoe bindings are simple to use and can be adjusted to any boot size. Low cut shoes or sneakers are not suitable, however, cross country ski boots available from the hire shop are ideal footwear for snowshoeing.


1 day $40
2 days $60
$20 per additional day


If you have any questions or you’d like to reserve snow shoes, please call Ski School (03) 5777 6441